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Innovative and practical development projects

IBIS Labs combines IBIS Prof. Thome’s research activities with those of several universities and institutes of higher education to establish a platform for research services. Its aim is to collaborate with SAP and other partners to create and implement business application software using innovative methods and tools while adding new content.

IBIS Prof. Thome works in long-term cooperation with partners desiring to forge ahead in innovative, practice-oriented research and projects. Its partners include the faculty of Business Administration and Information Technology at the University of Wuerzburg, SAP, Siemens, Atos and dxc.technology (former HPE). It also cooperates in research projects with the Hasso Plattner Institute (Rule-Based Business Matrix Processing) and counts the EU SUPER Project and BICC NET to its long list of research activities.

  • Collaborative advancement of SAP’s Business Engineering Workbench
  • Development of the Reverse Business Engineering tool for SAP
  • Collaborative Development of the Requirements Navigator LIVE KIT Structure for Siemens AG
  • Designing of the business process navigator, LIVE KIT Power

Services for IT companies as part of a cooperation agreement are (amongst others):

  • Review of management strategy
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Product evaluation

Services for potential users (amongst others):

  • Situation analysis
  • IT check
  • Discussions with experts

Reverse Business Innovations 2014

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Usage of ERP systems

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Reverse Business Innovations

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Quantifizierung der Branchenspezifika

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