Additional RBE Plus Analyses

Innovation - Productivity - Business Process Management


Innovation Recommendations

The analysis is familiar with the host of products, upgrades and SAP enhancements currently available. It examines usage in your live system, focusing on your strategic goals. It then recommends innovations that would benefit you, assessing and prioritizing each one specifically for your organization.

Organizational Impact

The organizational impact analysis helps you figure out how much time and expense would be involved in reorganizing your system or implementing new functionality, changes or upgrades.

Results are based on the scope of your (change) project and examination of usage in your live system. Impact is assessed specifically for your company, enabling you to estimate the time and organizational effort involved – quickly and easily.




The Activities analysis helps you determine how productive sub-processes are, and to what extent they’re automated. Results are based on documents posted within your live system. Particular attention is paid to whether these are posted by system users or by dialog users who have executed mass transactions. It also measures how well processes from upstream modules and elsewhere are integrated.

Division of Responsibilities

The Division of Responsibilities analysis allows you to examine how dialog users impact your system’s productivity. Data is based on a usage analysis of operative business processes in your live system. The analysis examines process chains via document postings and the users who post them. It also points out users who have made changes to process documents.

Process Automation

This tool helps you create analyses that examine the efficiency of workflows used in your SAP system. Data is based on a usage analysis of your live system, with emphasis on embedded processes.


Business Process Management

Process Intelligence

The analysis uses a process model to depict used and unused processes. Usage indicators document data from an ERP system, which in turn reveals information about processes or process steps.

Process Identification

Process performance is assessed by comparing planned and actual values, and by tracking exceptions in the process flow.

Recommendations for Innovation

We’ll help you figure out quickly and easily whether innovations offered by SAP are relevant for you. We’ll make informed decisions on the basis of your current system usage and your strategic goals.

Assessment of innovations, specific to user departments

By examining your system usage, we can spot innovations that would add value for each of your user departments. All recommendations are objective – based on business-related dependencies – and fully documented, for easy comprehension.

Degree of automation

We help you discover whether users are making the most of automated activities available in your system. Our quick and efficient analysis examines metrics for dialog- and system users, and for system settings. We then compare these metrics with best practice benchmarks.

Process Automation

We support you in finding out – quickly and easily – whether you’re using SAP’s workflows efficiently. Our analysis incorporates real data about your usage of embedded processes in your live system.

Process Identification

The analysis identifies which processes are used and which aren’t. What’s more, it helps you document these based on your own process model or a default reference model. At various levels, usage indicators containing your own system’s values show performance for each process or process step.

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