IBIS Innovation Day 2018

on the 22nd — 23rd of March 2018 in Wuerzburg


22nd of March 2018

Ar­rival un­til 13:30 hrs

14:20 hrs

Open­ing with Dr. Chris­ti­an Schneider and Dr. Stephan Streller

14:30 hrs

Doc­u­ment­a­tion non sense — tools “against” data se­cur­ity rules by Prof. Dr. Rain­er Thome

15:30 hrs

ERP In­nov­a­tions trends by Prof. Dr. Axel Winkel­mann (Uni­ver­sity of Wuerzburg)

Knowhow-based se­lec­tion of e-stand­ards by Dr. Stefanie Rauff and Pablo Menth (IBIS)

16:45 hrs

Com­pany soft­ware trends

Fire­place chat with Prof. Dr. Rain­er Thome, Prof. Dr. Georg Rain­er Hof­mann, Prof. Axel Winkel­mann as well as fur­ther at­tendees — mod­er­ated by Prof. Dr. An­dreas Hufgard (IBIS)

17:45 hrs

Fly­ing Buf­fet at the fort­ress

start­ing from 20:00 hrs

Wine tast­ing at the Rot­wein-Keller at the Wuerzburg Res­id­ence

23rd of March 2018

start­ing at 08:30 hrs

Wel­come Cof­fee

09:00 hrs

Open­ing with Prof. Dr. An­dreas Hufgard and Dr. Stephan Streller

09:05 hrs

Cus­tom-made ana­lyt­ics for aud­it­ors with Prof. Dr. An­dreas Hufgard, Dr. Oliv­er Schipp and Jörg Sech­ser from PwC (via video con­fer­ence)

09:30 hrs

Top 10 In­nov­a­tions of RBE Plus NEXT Gen­er­a­tion with Prof. Dr. An­dreas Hufgard, Dr. Erik Vo­gels­ang and Vanessa Welt­ner

10:00 hrs

Shared Ser­vice Cen­ter ana­lys­is in co­oper­a­tion with PwC by Chris­ti­an Bart­mann (PwC) and Prof. Dr. Eduard Ger­hardt

10:30 hrs

S/4HANA As­sess­ment — a co-In­nov­a­tion with DXC by Jeanette Bend­eroth (DXC) and Fa­bi­an Krüger (IBIS)

11:15 hrs

SAP Solu­tion Man­ager — tool based doc­u­ment­a­tion by Gerd Weidinger (IBIS Busi­ness Con­sult­ing) and Jo­hannes Schulz (IBIS)

11:45 hrs

SAP Star Plus — iden­ti­fic­a­tion of S/4HANA po­ten­tials

Co-in­nov­a­tion with SAP with Win­die Wilson (SAP) and Dr. Heiko Hecht (IBIS)

12:30 hrs


13:30 hrs

End of IBIS In­nov­a­tion Days 2018

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