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Disclaimer of Liabilities as per §5 TMG (German Telemedia Act):

IBIS Prof. Thome AG
Mer­gen­theimer Str. 76a
97082 Wuerzburg

Board of Dir­ect­ors:
Dr. An­dreas Hufgard, Dr. Chris­ti­an Schneider

Su­per­vis­ory Board
Pro­fess­or R. Thome (Board Chair­man)
Mer­gen­theimer Str. 76a
97082 Wuerzburg


Tele­phone: +49 931 73046 – 500

Re­gister entry:

Entry in the com­mer­cial re­gister
Court of re­gis­tra­tion: Dis­trict Court Wuerzburg
Re­gis­tra­tion num­ber: HRB 7110

Turnover Tax ID:

Sales tax iden­ti­fic­a­tion num­ber as per Para­graph 27 of the sales tax law: DE 161993457

Dis­claim­er of li­ab­il­ity:

Dis­claim­er of li­ab­il­ity for con­tent:

The con­tent on our sites is writ­ten with due di­li­gence, but we can­not guar­an­tee cor­rect­ness, com­plete­ness and up-to-date­ness of the con­tent. As ser­vice pro­viders we are re­spons­ible as per Para­graph 7, Sec­tion 1 of the Ger­man Tele­media Act (TMG) only for our own con­tent. Ac­cord­ing to Para­graphs 8 to 10 TMG we are ob­lig­ated to mon­it­or sent or stored in­form­a­tion from a third party. Nor are we not ob­lig­ated to search for cir­cum­stances that in­dic­ate il­leg­al activ­it­ies. We are un­der no ob­lig­a­tion to de­lete or re­move con­tent. We can as­sume li­ab­il­ity only from the mo­ment we re­ceive no­tice of in­fringing ma­ter­i­al. On be­com­ing aware of any such leg­al in­fringe­ment, we agree to re­move such con­tent im­me­di­ately.

Dis­claim­er of li­ab­il­ity for links:

Cer­tain links in this web­site lead to web­sites out­side of the IBIS Prof. Thome AG web­site. Web­sites ac­cessed via links are not sub­ject to our au­thor­ity. IBIS Prof. Thome AG is not re­spons­ible for the con­tent of web­sites ac­cessed through this one; we provide these links merely as a ser­vice to you; IBIS Prof. Thome AG fur­nishes the links but does not auto­mat­ic­ally agree with the con­tent of the ac­cessed web­site.

In­so­far as our web­site con­tains links to third-party web­sites, these were re­viewed care­fully for in­ap­pro­pri­ate and il­leg­al con­tent. We there­fore as­sume no li­ab­il­ity for the con­tent of third-party sites. The re­spect­ive op­er­at­or of the web­site is re­spons­ible for the con­tent of the linked pages. At the time the links were cre­ated, they were checked for pos­sible in­fringe­ments and no il­leg­al con­tent dis­covered. We can as­sume li­ab­il­ity only from the mo­ment we re­ceive no­tice of in­fringing ma­ter­i­al. On be­com­ing aware of any such leg­al in­fringe­ment, we agree to re­move the links im­me­di­ately.


All texts, im­ages, doc­u­ments and ad­di­tion­al in­form­a­tion used on this site are sub­ject to the copy­right of IBIS Prof. Thome AG or the source cited. Any form of du­plic­a­tion or dis­tri­bu­tion, wheth­er for com­mer­cial or non-com­mer­cial pur­poses, re­quires ex­press writ­ten con­sent by IBIS Prof. Thome AG. This also ap­plies, in par­tic­u­lar, to the in­cor­por­a­tion of in­form­a­tion from this web­site on your own web­site. Ex­cep­tions to this rule in­clude loc­al, ap­pro­pri­ate use of the page as down­loads re­quired for tech­nic­al reas­ons or prin­touts for per­son­al use only.

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Some of the icons are made by Freepik from Flaticon .They are li­censed by CC BY 3.0 / De­sat­ur­ated from ori­gin­al

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© ( Forest Sun­rise by user Krapp­weis,
© ( New York Streets 4 by user lon­niehb
© ( Bridge by Ry­an McGuire of Bells Design
© ( Foggy Au­tumn Forest by user Krapp­weis
© ( Ocean by user Pelin­tra
© ( Locked Door by user stockers9
© ( Corner of The New Mac­Book by Vikt­or Hanacek
© ( SPE­CIAL SET – 16x hi-res Neourb­an Hip­ster Of­fice by markus spiske
© ( Hope 1 by user eocs
© ( Tun­nel 1 by user flaivoloka
Death To Stock Im­ages Pack­age 3
© ( Apollo 11 Boot­print by user NASA on The Com­mons
© ( Fact­ory by user red­visu­alg
© ( by user Thour­sie