Additional RBE Plus Analyses

In­nov­a­tion — Pro­ductiv­ity — Busi­ness Pro­cess Man­age­ment


Innovation Recommendations

The ana­lys­is is fa­mil­i­ar with the host of products, up­grades and SAP en­hance­ments cur­rently avail­able. It ex­am­ines us­age in your live sys­tem, fo­cus­ing on your stra­tegic goals. It then re­com­mends in­nov­a­tions that would be­ne­fit you, as­sess­ing and pri­or­it­iz­ing each one spe­cific­ally for your or­gan­iz­a­tion.

Organizational Impact

The or­gan­iz­a­tion­al im­pact ana­lys­is helps you fig­ure out how much time and ex­pense would be in­volved in re­or­gan­iz­ing your sys­tem or im­ple­ment­ing new func­tion­al­ity, changes or up­grades.

Res­ults are based on the scope of your (change) pro­ject and ex­am­in­a­tion of us­age in your live sys­tem. Im­pact is as­sessed spe­cific­ally for your com­pany, en­abling you to es­tim­ate the time and or­gan­iz­a­tion­al ef­fort in­volved – quickly and eas­ily.




The Activ­it­ies ana­lys­is helps you de­term­ine how pro­duct­ive sub-pro­cesses are, and to what ex­tent they’re auto­mated. Res­ults are based on doc­u­ments pos­ted with­in your live sys­tem. Par­tic­u­lar at­ten­tion is paid to wheth­er these are pos­ted by sys­tem users or by dia­log users who have ex­ecuted mass trans­ac­tions. It also meas­ures how well pro­cesses from up­stream mod­ules and else­where are in­teg­rated.

Division of Responsibilities

The Di­vi­sion of Re­spons­ib­il­it­ies ana­lys­is al­lows you to ex­am­ine how dia­log users im­pact your system’s pro­ductiv­ity. Data is based on a us­age ana­lys­is of op­er­at­ive busi­ness pro­cesses in your live sys­tem. The ana­lys­is ex­am­ines pro­cess chains via doc­u­ment post­ings and the users who post them. It also points out users who have made changes to pro­cess doc­u­ments.

Process Automation

This tool helps you cre­ate ana­lyses that ex­am­ine the ef­fi­ciency of work­flows used in your SAP sys­tem. Data is based on a us­age ana­lys­is of your live sys­tem, with em­phas­is on em­bed­ded pro­cesses.


Business Process Management

Process Intelligence

The ana­lys­is uses a pro­cess mod­el to de­pict used and un­used pro­cesses. Us­age in­dic­at­ors doc­u­ment data from an ERP sys­tem, which in turn re­veals in­form­a­tion about pro­cesses or pro­cess steps.

Process Identification

Pro­cess per­form­ance is as­sessed by com­par­ing planned and ac­tu­al val­ues, and by track­ing ex­cep­tions in the pro­cess flow.

Recommendations for Innovation

We’ll help you fig­ure out quickly and eas­ily wheth­er in­nov­a­tions offered by SAP are rel­ev­ant for you. We’ll make in­formed de­cisions on the basis of your cur­rent sys­tem us­age and your stra­tegic goals.

Assessment of innovations, specific to user departments

By ex­amin­ing your sys­tem us­age, we can spot in­nov­a­tions that would add value for each of your user de­part­ments. All re­com­mend­a­tions are ob­ject­ive – based on busi­ness-re­lated de­pend­en­cies – and fully doc­u­mented, for easy com­pre­hen­sion.

Degree of automation

We help you dis­cov­er wheth­er users are mak­ing the most of auto­mated activ­it­ies avail­able in your sys­tem. Our quick and ef­fi­cient ana­lys­is ex­am­ines met­rics for dia­log- and sys­tem users, and for sys­tem set­tings. We then com­pare these met­rics with best prac­tice bench­marks.

Process Automation

We sup­port you in find­ing out – quickly and eas­ily – wheth­er you’re us­ing SAP’s work­flows ef­fi­ciently. Our ana­lys­is in­cor­por­ates real data about your us­age of em­bed­ded pro­cesses in your live sys­tem.

Process Identification

The ana­lys­is iden­ti­fies which pro­cesses are used and which aren’t. What’s more, it helps you doc­u­ment these based on your own pro­cess mod­el or a de­fault ref­er­ence mod­el. At vari­ous levels, us­age in­dic­at­ors con­tain­ing your own system’s val­ues show per­form­ance for each pro­cess or pro­cess step.

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