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What is in for me?

Soft­ware pro­vider and con­sultancy com­pan­ies are of­fer­ing a mul­ti­tude of new func­tion­al­ity in new products like SAP S/4HANA. They only be­come be­ne­fi­cial in­nov­a­tions when the rel­ev­ance and im­pact has been eval­u­ated and the products have been im­ple­men­ted suc­cess­fully. We are help­ing you to de­term­ine if, how and where SAP HANA of­fers a sig­ni­fic­ant value add to your or­gan­iz­a­tion, to clean-up your sys­tem pri­or to the mi­gra­tion and sav­ing cost by do­ing so as well as help to find the rel­ev­ant FIORI Apps for your pro­cesses.


Take a look at our we­bin­ar on “The path to S/4HANA — 278 pages for suc­cess?”.

S/4HANA Innovation Analysis

S/4HANA In­nov­a­tion ana­lys­is helps you as­sess wheth­er SAP HANA can add value for your or­gan­iz­a­tion. Res­ults are based on a spe­cif­ic us­age ana­lys­is of your live SAP sys­tem with an eye to your stra­tegic goals.

BW Clean-up SAP HANA Edition

Be­fore im­ple­ment­ing SAP HANA, it’s a good idea to clean up your sys­tem – re­du­cing the size of your data­base and keep­ing the ex­penses for your SAP HANA data­base to a min­im­um.


HANA apps en­able you to ex­ecute ana­lyses in real-time so that you can mon­it­or sys­tem us­age minute-by-minute. We simply por­ted fre­quently-used ana­lys­is con­tent from RBE Plus Lib­rary to an SAP HANA plat­form. Con­tent in­cludes users and roles, bench­marks and more.

Spotting bottlenecks

The in­ter­act­ive S/4HANA In­nov­a­tion ana­lys­is lets you define for your­self what you con­sider a bot­tle­neck. You in­put tol­er­ances for re­sponse times and data­base times per trans­ac­tion call and the ana­lys­is bases its out­put – ac­cel­er­a­tion po­ten­tial with an SAP HANA data­base – on the para­met­ers you entered.

Checking response times

The ana­lys­is de­picts the total num­ber of bot­tle­necks, how many users are af­fected by them, and what per­cent of the data­base is bogged down by bot­tle­necks.

Identifying customer-specific bottlenecks

S/4HANA In­nov­a­tion ana­lys­is in­cludes user-spe­cif­ic trans­ac­tions and their load­ing times in ad­di­tion to the SAP de­fault.

Analyzing perfomance

The ana­lys­is makes it pos­sible for you to identi­fy the ap­plic­a­tion areas with the worst per­form­ance.
“HANA In­nov­a­tion Ana­lys­is con­firmed our sus­pi­cions.”

Tor­sten Limpert, Head of IT at PREH GmbH

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