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SAP Solution Manager

Seen one tool, you’ve seen them all? Not when it comes to SAP Solu­tion Man­ager. Its tech­nic­al and con­tent re­lated cap­ab­il­it­ies make it much more than “just” a tool. Use it sys­tem­at­ic­ally and you can man­age ap­plic­a­tion li­fe­cycles for your sys­tem en­vir­on­ment in line with ITIL. The key is know­ing what course to set, to con­fig­ure SAP Solu­tion Man­ager so that it de­liv­ers the data you need – fine-tuned to your IT and busi­ness re­quire­ments.

RBE Plus service products for SAP Solution Manager

Good de­cisions are based on facts. Know­ing your pro­cesses by heart gives you the in­sight you need to man­age them. Be­ne­fit from our RBE Plus ana­lyses for SAP Solu­tion Man­ager, as many cus­tom­ers have done so already.

Creating A Blueprint

A blue­print is the found­a­tion for busi­ness re­lated func­tion­al­ity in SAP Solu­tion Man­ager. We of­fer you a quick and ef­fi­cient meth­od for cre­at­ing your own busi­ness blue­prints in line with your trans­ac­tions and pro­grams – for de­fault struc­tures or for one of your own pro­cess mod­els.

Identifying User Activities

Pro­cesses and pro­grams ac­tu­ally used are of­ten not the same ones that have been doc­u­mented. We of­fer you in-depth us­age ana­lyses con­tain­ing a num­ber of re­ports, key fig­ures and score­cards. Ex­per­i­ence total vis­ib­il­ity in­to pro­cess us­age and user be­ha­vi­or – wheth­er case-by-case or as a basis for mon­it­or­ing your own pro­cesses.

Harmonizing Processes

These days, growth and change are a con­stant in the cor­por­ate world. We of­fer you ef­fi­cient ana­lyses and meth­ods for har­mon­iz­ing and con­sol­id­at­ing your sys­tems and pro­cesses. Profit from clear us­age com­par­is­ons between pro­cesses and or­gan­iz­a­tion­al units. Im­ple­ment this tried-and-tested ap­proach to struc­tur­ing com­plex pro­cess mod­els and sys­tem land­scapes.

Consulting for SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solu­tion Man­ager is a com­plex con­trol sys­tem, cap­able of man­aging a wide range of IT and busi­ness re­lated is­sues. It sup­ports a num­ber of cor­por­ate pro­cesses and activ­it­ies, from test man­age­ment to mon­it­or­ing. Profit from our ex­per­i­ence and ex­pert­ise in con­fig­ur­ing and op­er­at­ing SAP Solu­tion Man­ager.

1. Identify

We’ll help you find out how SAP Solu­tion Man­ager can be­ne­fit you. Wheth­er you’re an in­ter­na­tion­al cor­por­a­tion or a small to mid-size re­gion­al com­pany, profit from our ex­per­i­ence and tools.

2. Implement

We’re your go-to ex­perts for ap­plic­a­tion scen­ari­os – any­thing from a sys­tem check to auto­mated pro­cess mod­el­ing.

3. Analyze

Get to know the wide range of ana­lyses that SAP Solu­tion Man­ager provides. We’ll as­sist in ini­tial­iz­a­tion and im­ple­ment­a­tion.

4. Control

Man­age sys­tem op­er­a­tion so that it be­ne­fits IT and user de­part­ments, spe­cially tailored to your needs.

Preparing your SAP system

As the core ad­min­is­trat­ive tool, SAP Solu­tion Man­ager must be con­nec­ted with all satel­lite sys­tems. Only then is it pos­sible to col­lect the data ne­ces­sary for ef­fi­cient pro­cess man­age­ment. We’re happy to ad­vise you.


Our ana­lyses point out your SAP sys­tem us­age – in de­fault or com­pany-spe­cif­ic pro­cesses. Plus, we’ll help you mod­el them in SAP Solu­tion Man­ager.

Test Management

Test man­age­ment en­com­passes any­thing from auto­mated re­gres­sion test­ing to se­mant­ic eval­u­ations con­duc­ted by user de­part­ments. Let us help you find and im­ple­ment the test that’s right for you.

ALM Logic and RBE Plus Analytics

Use the full op­er­at­ive and stra­gic ALM po­ten­tial of SAP Solu­tion Man­ager. With a growth-ori­ented doc­u­ment­a­tion life cycle sup­por­ted by RBE Plus ana­lyt­ics.

The RBE Plus SAP Ana­lys­is for Solu­tion Man­ager sig­ni­fic­antly re­duced the time and re­sources re­quired for pre­par­ing the Busi­ness Blue­print for our up­grade. In ad­di­tion to in­creas­ing the stand­ard SAP trans­ac­tion as­sign­ment by 50%, IBIS Amer­ica, LLC helped us map 900+ cus­tom trans­ac­tions and re­ports dur­ing a 3‑day on-site work­shop.”

Ra­jav­ard­han Madhavapeddi, SAP Pro­ject Man­ager at IDEXX

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