We listen and recognize your individual needs. Our modular solutions achieve the joint goal.

Realize the full potential of your SAP system and increase your efficiency by identifying, documenting, and adjusting the actual use of the systems and processes you work with.

To transform your business intelligently, you need to understand your current situation in detail and identify areas for improvement with our SAP Analysis. The transition to SAP S/4HANA brings many changes, challenges and opportunities. Overcoming the obstacles can lead to new and better approaches to achieve your goals.

Streamline is the basis for maintenance and future improvements to keep everything running smoothly.

360° degree view on the functional aspects of your SAP systems.

That’s why streamline should be the starting point for any SAP lifecycle initiative in your organization.

Spectrum is our process mining approach. We map multidimensional volume flows directly.

We recognize 100% of the items and classify them in our underlying business reference model.

We compare SAP systems with each other. See many systems and company codes compared to consolidate or harmonize, or review past transformation work. 

We have something for everyone! Whether you need an executive overview or details for your business analysts — our easy to navigate content will accelerate your project.

Trailblazer is the enabler for your successful transformation to SAP S/4HANA.

Looking for a low touch, big impact, objective and fact-based approach to S/4HANA? You’re at the right place!

We offer a Solution Manager integration and can help with the documentation.

No Solution Documentation? No worries! We have helped many customers since 2005 to jumpstart your Solution Documentation with our automated, comprehensive and sustainable approach. You can count on us!

By 2024, most companies will be required to report non-monetary Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics in their annual financial statements. Compliant assesses and supports conformant data availability.


How many tons of waste does your organization generate?

What is the total consumption of fuel from (non-) renewable sources in your organization and what types of fuel do you use?

What is the ratio of standard entry-level wages by gender compared to the local minimum wage?

Does your organization work with suppliers where there is a significant risk of child labor?


Detailed SAP analyses. Valuable insights. Better decisions.
RBE Plus Usage Analyses.


Our scope of services includes a workshop at the end of the analysis. Not only do we give you the results of the analysis, but we also interpret your results. This is how we support you in the interpretation. A map is only useful to you if you know how to read it.