Get your transparent and comprehensive business case and roadmap to SAP S/4HANA.

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No doubts,

only definite actions.

Looking for a low touch, big impact, objective and fact-based approach to S/4HANA? You’re at the right place!

IBIS provides a single-tool solution with a transparent and comprehensive output to build your business case and roadmap to S/4HANA. Easy to use, no strings attached, no tedious OSS Notes, one transport, works on 4.6 to the latest S/4HANA release!

We know your current system and everything that is new within SAP S/4HANA — inside and out. We base our business recommendations on pure facts and experience.

Send us as a scout ahead to give you an independent and unbiased report on the situation and possible strategies. Reach your goal.

With us, you make sound decisions, bravely set out on your way and thrive with confidence.


Valuable insights into our delivery.

Prepare the transformation — See if it fits!

IBIS’s unique value proposition is its R/3 background which let’s us support your Fit to Standard/Fit Gap analysis.

This works ideally with our well-founded SAP legacy content which we align to the latest and greatest S/4HANA content available from SAP.

Create your business case

We support building your value proposition and business case.

We do this bottom-up by transparently showing the baseline of our calculation and evaluating the suitability of the new S/4 and Non S/4 functionality.

Innovation Transformation
Strategic Goals

Align your transformation with strategic goals

There is only one way to build your business case for transformation:

We use your data, we identify your pain points and use your strategic goals to evaluate and prioritize your action items transparently.


Successful and happy customers

Uwe Quattländer // Atos

The slogan Your data already knows fits perfectly to our follow-up consulting activities making customer S/4HANA journeys highly predictable.”



Greenfield/Bluefield/Brownfield, On-Premise/Cloud, Business Case, Upgrade, Harmonization, Improvement, we cover it all!

Our solution is used by SAP, by its partners and our customers alike to put pre-sales, marketing, generic value propositions and emotions aside.


We can help no matter in what stage of your S/4HANA journey you currently are. Our approach complements and supports SAP’s offerings but can also be used independently.


Whether you are still using an older SAP version, ECC or whether you are already on Business Suite on HANA or on S/4HANA, we can help with your S/4HANA decision process, migration or implementation. We’ve been working with SAP, with partners and customers independent of your maintenance contract with SAP.


Fabian Krüger // Head of Web Application Development and S/4HANA System Assessment

I find it particularly exciting to simulate the S/4HANA features from a technical and functional perspective at a particularly early stage without having to install HANA. This allows us to identify bottlenecks and previously unknown obstacles.”

We even develop the business adaptation catalogue for S/4HANA.